About ME !

love is a four word -jason mraz

Hi ! First of all, I really thank for your visiting.

My name is Hyun Joon Oh. Hyun Joon is my given name, and Oh is my family name.

so, please call me HyunJoon or just joon.

I’m born in 1990. so I’m 26 years old in Korea style.

My major is Korean language and literature. Especially literature is my favorite theme.

The picture that I posted is the 4th album cover of Jason Mraz. He is american singer song writer who I really like. and the 4th album of him is my favorite album.

The image means ‘LOVE’. and the album’s name is “Love is a four letter word”. I think It’s kind of my self portrait. That’s the reason I posted this picture. 🙂

Anyway. I really happy to your visit and sharing my story with you.

please enjoy my blog. Thank You!!